King's Petroleum LLC DBA Don Rose Oil Co. Services

Propane Supplier

Since 1972, we have been servicing thousands of consumers across the central valley of California and handling all their propane needs. Customers can call in whenever they need propane, or they can give us a call and be asked to be kept on a keep full basis, so whenever a driver is nearby, you won't have to worry about your propane tank being filled up.

We at King's Petroleum LLC DBA Don Rose Oil Co. offer the cheapest tank rentals, and cheapest propane in the valley. We would love to be given the privilege to serve you and your family.

Oil/Lube Supplier

Here at King's Petroleum LLC DBA Don Rose Oil Co., we offer a variety of oil, lube and grease products. A few of our many products include:

•Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF)
•Hydraulic and turbine oils
•Re-refined oils
•Motor oils

Fuel Distributor

Our fuel distribution services include:

•Red Dyed Diesel
•Clear Diesel
•Unleaded Gas
•Premium Gas

We have the capability to deliver from 100 to over 8,000 gallons at a time, and will provide you with well deserved stellar service.


Here at King's Petroleum LLC, our fleet can meet your transportation needs. Whether you need propane, fuel or oil transported to either clients or your facility - we can meet and exceed your expectations with our bulk transportation system.

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